Trailers & Sleds

Without cars, buses, subways and streetcars, all transportation will be up to individuals as human-powered or animal-pulled modes of transport. Able people with only themselves or with light cargo to carry, walking and cycling are obvious choices. However, once there is more weight involved, such as in carrying heavy cargo, or one or more passengers, and in snowy conditions, other options are needed. These include building trailers and rickshaws, using horses and dogs, plus skis and snowshoes for treading snow in greater distances.


Using the skills of mechanics, carpenters and engineers, a wide variety of trailers and sleds can be built using spare parts and scrap materials. Below are some ideas for modifying bicycles and building trailers and sleds for various purposes, which can be adapted with wheels or with skis for use either on the road or on snow.

[ illustrations to come ]
Dog sled; rickshaw; bicycle trailer (2 designs); bamboo trailer (water carrier & basic structure); horse-pulled large cargo trailer on wheels; dog-pulled small cargo trailer


- wheeled trailers and ski sleds: transport water, food, materials, supplies, one to two children, one adult (ie. injured, deceased)

- wheeled trailers and ski sleds: transport small cargo including water, food, materials and supplies
- multiple-dog pulls: one two adults (ie. injured, deceased), larger cargo

- multi-passenger carriers (ski sled or wheeled trailer), large water containers, lumber, building supplies and large cargo of materials and supplies

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