Natural Remedies



Garlic: A powerful antibiotic and antibacterial bulb. Crush whole cloves and apply directly onto fungal infections and wounds to prevent infection or gangrene. Take internally as an antioxidant to prevent colds, flus, tuberculosis, cholera, typhus, dysentery, and intestinal parasites.

Honey: A natural antiseptic. Apply to wounds to disinfect and promote healing.


Lavender: To relieve headaches, smell a satchet of dried lavender flowers using slow, deep breathing.

Peppermint: Dilute peppermint oil with almond oil and rub on temples and forehead to relieve headaches.

Cloves: For toothaches, apply clove oil to a cotton ball and stuff between the affected gum and inside of your cheek. Also an antiseptic and anesthetic.

Aloe Vera: The juice from an aloe vera plant can be dabbed on burns, cuts, insect bites and abrasions. From a live aloe vera plant, cut off a leaf tip and squeeze the gel from the leaf directly onto the wound. Note that aloe vera is not antibiotic nor antiseptic.

Calendula: Make a salve from oil and crushed marigold leaves. Use on rashes, skin irritations, water or steam burns and cuts to promote healing.

White Willow Bark: Make into tea for a natural aspirin-like pain killer (will not cause abdominal bleeding or blood thinning like synthetic aspirin).

Vitamin C: A powerful antioxidant, immune system booster, natural detoxifier and necessary body nutrient for health and wound healing. Boil pine needles in clean water and drink as a tea, adding honey for flavour and energy.

For nausea or indigestion: Mint or fennel tea helps digestion, while clove tea helps nausea. Gingerroot tea helps both.

Making infusions: Pour 2 cups boiling water over 2 tablespoons of dried herbs. Steep for 10 minutes if the infusion is for internal use, 3 hours if for external use.

Making ointments: Mix one part powdered herbs with 4 parts heated lard, clarified butter or other fat, and stir thoroughly. Store in sterilized glass containers.

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Trey said...

Kanna can be used as an SSRI/Anti-Anxiety medication. It's a flower and related to St. John's Wort.

Valerian can be used as a muscle relaxant/sedative. Use the root.

Oregano Oil can be used as a natural anti-biotic.